Welcome to Deaf Rochy – your one stop community events calendar.  This is your opportunity to see what events are happening in the community.  See video to learn more about us in ASL : VIDEO

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Any event flyer or information we receive will be posted on our calendar.  We will be sure to include social, educational, sports, theatre and many other events.   When we receive requests to post an event, we will attempt to post the events within 24-48 hours (excluding weekends).

We’ll post your event on our calendar.  If you’d like us to send out your event more than once, please consider advertising on our website.  Advertisers can share as many events/announcements/posts as often as they like.   For more information about sponsorship, please go to :  http://www.deafrochy.com/?page_id=742

The more events we get from everyone in the community, the more informative the calendar will be.  Please be sure to share this website with all your families, co-workers, friends and come back to visit us often!

For more information, you can reach us at:   info@deafrochy.com,   facebook : www.facebook.com/deafroch or twitter:  www.twitter.com/deafrochy




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